No chocolate for me

© Sarah Lipoff 2010

The other day I decided to jump on the scale – just for fun (insane, right?). I was rewarded by a gut-wrenching number a good 7 pounds over what I thought it would be. Not believing my scale, I got off and got on again and saw the same number. Hey, it’s not that bad, really. But, the scale rules us women and I had been major chocolate over-indulging.

I love chocolate. I love chocolate in any form. I have eaten chocolate covered bacon and bugs. If it’s chocolate, I will eat it and probably like it.

So, these last weeks I’ve found myself hitting the chocolate pretty hard. I made chocolate muffins, chocolate crackers, chocolate chip cookies and ate lots of plain old chocolate. I guess it translated into 7 extra pounds.

I challenged myself to spend a week without chocolate and see if it made any difference, along with staying away from sugar in general and getting some regular exercise.

It hasn’t been a fun week.

As a reward, I am allowing myself a super special chocolate indulgence tonight. I haven’t decided what that chocolate decadence will be – but it’s going to be good!

Oh, and I weighed myself this morning, and was down 2 pounds, which is good and all – but seriously, this weighing yourself thing is asinine. We really should just eat healthy, exercise and get over it, right?

What do you cut back on eating when you think you need to lose some pounds?