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Happy Harper

 - by Sarah Lipoff

Recently, I enjoyed a stint as a baby name blogger, which was actually pretty fun. I hadn’t paid much attention to celebrity baby names before the job, so following all the big namers was new for me, along with finding out the details of what and how they named their new babes. Sometimes, it was pretty¬†unusual!

So, today I saw the news that Tiffani (Amber) Thiessan had a baby girl and named her Harper. I guarantee half of you reading this are wrinkling your nose and the other half are congratulating Thiessan on a somewhat decent name choice (for a celebrity). The name Harper is wonderfully quant and a great throwback to classic names of the past, which are pretty hot right now in fancy town.

What I like about the name Harper is that it isn’t a sissy-girl name. It has some guts, with an undertone of true character. Harper is the girl who all the boys will want to chase at recess and the other girls will respect later in life because she’ll know how to properly apply kickin’ smokey-eye make-up, and teach you how to do it, too.

According to the Social Security Administration, Harper has moved from unfashionable to totally hot ranking in the top 200 baby names for 2009. This means there might be a couple other Harper’s in your future babe’s class, so decide now if you want your bambina to be known as Harper – insert first initial of your last name here.

If your heart’s set on Harper, go for it. But if you want something similar that might not be at the top of the charts, how about Harriet, Helene, Helena or Hadley?

No matter the name you choose, enjoy the path that takes you there. Before you know it, you’ll be cooing that name at an adorable new baby!