And she said, “no.”

© Sarah Lipoff 2010

Really, I can’t wait until my daughter can chat away with me about her day and all the wonderous things she sees around her. These last few weeks her language has really started to develop and her bouts of screaming, pointing and screaming, and pointing and screaming and then pointing more are less and less. As she’s starting to figure this language thing out I’m becoming a bit sadder and sadder.

You see, there’s something so great about a soft smooshy no-talking back baby. She’s all adorable and cute, and only cries a little bit. She makes these adorably cute smudgy noises that mean nothing and are just for fun. My babe’s totally into singing or yammering to herself without concern. I can listen to that beautifulness for hours.

Then, the language thing got its grips on my wee tot. Most kids start figuring out how to say a couple of simple words around their first birthday – and my babe did start babbling “mama” or “dada” at that time, but she hadn’t figured out the power of those words. So, at that moment when she said “no” and everyone gasped, she mastered the whole “if I say that then I get this” thing. She figured out when she says a word, and it really makes sense, others will go out-of-control crazy.

She said, “no.” And, she said, “no” at the RIGHT time, a time that made sense, a time that others heard and then did a lot of ooohing and ahhhhing along with a whole lot of adoration.

My daughter figured it out and is now a big NO machine. She’s even got this super-cute hand gesture worked out to go along with her “no,” which makes it even more special without being annoying when she sits and says it over and over and over again for 10 minutes straight.

As we venture down this path of language, I’m trying to encourage lots of good words such as “yes” or “help” or “thank you.” But, “NO” is her favorite right now.

I’m okay with that.

At least her new favorite word isn’t “whatever” (or something worse).

Baby phone addict

My adorable child has decided her new favorite-must-have-at-all-times toy is the pretend plastic phone. Just one pretend phone wasn’t good enough, she also has an old-school wall phone, a defunct cell phone and another pretend plastic phone. The real phone is her favorite, and when she finds it, I might not see it for days.

So, how did my child become obsessed with the phone? I couldn’t tell you. I don’t own a cell phone. It is rare that I talk on the phone. When the phone rings, I am a faithful observer of caller ID. Those who know me understand I’m not a big phone chatter and often don’t call loved ones for weeks on end (sorry).

When the phone rings on the television, my child gets one of her pretend phones. When she hears the phone ring at the house, she finds it AND brings it to me. When we are enjoying some imaginary play together, she wants me to pretend I am talking on the phone.

Maybe she is trying to tell me I need to make some phone calls.

Until she is able to speak, my child is super adorable when she is “pretending” to talk on the phone. My fear is the day when words come out of her mouth and she actually wants to talk and talk and talk on the real phone.

I better start saving for the phone bills.