Our cat loves snakes (me, not so much).

© Sarah Lipoff 2010

Some of you may be aware of our cat and snake issue. It seems our cat is REALLY happy in our new house because she is bringing squiggly snake presents to us on a regular basis. I’m so glad she’s showering us with her cat-love, but I’ve had enough. Between picking up, re-depositing, and walking around the house twitching, I’m also pretty sleep deprived and having countless serpentine dreams.

I finally snapped a picture of the one of two (YES, two) snakes that made a visit to our home yesterday and was able to determine they are a harmless itty-bitty type of snake native to Northern California. SO, luckily they are no threat to us humans (other than being just icky). But the real question is, where are they ALL COMING FROM?!

The first night, I thought the cat had a piece of string or something, until I turned the light on and saw the string give a good slither. I totally freaked, started screaming, the cat went running, the baby started crying, the husband kept snoring, AND the snake made its way under the floorboards. I figured that would be the end of it.


The next afternoon, my husband made some interesting noises as he went down the stairs and then let out a good whooooop. The cat had deposited another wriggler in the hallway. I headed over (because I am the designated snake-wrangler), picked the little guy up with the help of a towel, and re-positioned him across the driveway in an area the cats DON’T GO.

And, then it was quiet for a couple of days.

Yesterday there was a double-header with a visit from a snake around the babe’s bedtime (also re-deposited far far away from the house in a non-cat visiting location) and then another late night. That one got thrown out the bedroom window with some pretty good force (sorry wee snake). I can’t fathom that these snakes are really the SAME snake, which then kept me up for the rest of the night as I imagined a den of snakes slithering about under the house.

There’s some old wood hanging out ¬†under the deck off our bedroom, which also happens to be our snake-cat’s favorite hangout of the moment.

My plans for the day include donning long pants, socks that come up to my knees, boots, and going at the woodpile with a shovel to try to locate the darn snakes. Hopefully there wont be anymore. I don’t think I can take it.

Anyone interested in some brown snakes? They are free for the taking…