Yes, I was on Fox News

I’m not a big fan of the news. It seems so full of pointless garble these days without any substantial information that pertains to me. Ironically I ended up on a short itty-bitty segment on the weekend morning show Fox and Friends.

Many of you may be wondering how I landed a gig like that, how much they payed, and how it has impacted my life. Well, the truth is, Fox contacted me, I did a minute segment gratis, and nothing has really happened since the big incident.

What got Fox and Friends’ attention? An article I wrote about praising children piqued their interest and I was contacted to have a hot debate with a famous author. How could I say no? Seriously, I thought it was a joke.

The big show came and went and I will admit to watching the segment several times for kicks. Now that the excitement has worn down, it all seems like a silly high school drama skit.

Just goes to show some little housewife can have her 15 minutes (or 2) in the spotlight, even if it is on the Fox News Network!