Fairyland + camera disaster = a winning day!

Yesterday we headed out for a play date with our good friends at Fairyland. Yes, there is such a place – and in all honesty, it’s pretty cool. The hubs and I had our doubts, but upon arrival at the gates of Fairyland, we all gawked in awe and glee. This was the moment I reached for my camera to document the moment, and the camera – just like my daughter had this week, fell and went boom.

My heart wrenched into a wicked knot, I grabbed at the camera knowing full well from the horrid sound it had made when it hit the ground that it was all over. The camera had really fallen and went boom. And, when I turned it on, it made a sick-whirring-grinding noise.

So, my husband is a photographer (seriously, check out these before and after pictures!), but only had his cell phone along. He was put in charge of documenting the day while I tried not to stress over the loss of my camera. We made our way through wonderful Fairyland and enjoyed a beautiful day with our friends. I put my camera disaster in my back pocket and decided to move on.

That is, until we got into the car! My husband had already determined what my new camera would be – which was basically the new camera he was dreaming of with all these fun settings, things, buttons, knobs, adjustments…

My new-camera-buying heart sank as I listened to his excitement. I knew I needed to put my foot down and stand up for myself. I felt a fight coming on, the super-silent treatment, and maybe a later heated “discussion” as to why I wasn’t going to go with his camera-of-choice.

But, I did it! I stood my ground, told him to buy his own dream point-and-shoot camera, and let me get what I wanted. After a short silent treatment, he relented and I won!


I’m off to go camera shopping! I’ll let you know what I pick up.

Play Date Adventure: The Bay Area Discovery Museum

The other day I had a fantastic time while on a play date.  We met at a location not far from my home at a spot that had been hiding right under my nose.  Once you have kids, a whole new world opens up – the world of child based museums and parks – places that are awesome and amazing, and tons of fun (for both you and your kiddies)!

The Bay Area Discovery Museum is located in Sausalito, just a quick trip away from anywhere in the Bay Area.  With a small entry fee ($8 for children 1-17 and $10 for adults – children under 1 are free), it has something for everyone.  As I drove into the facility, I had to close my mouth as I gaped at the breath taking views.  The Golden Gate Bridge looms over the park along with classic California hills and lush foliage.

The museum consists of both indoor and outdoor areas dedicated to educating children through play. The Bay Area Discovery Museum is focused on developing childhood creativity and nurturing future thinkers and innovators.  At the museum, visitors can enjoy the grounds at their leisure, or participate in scheduled events such as story times, hands-on activities, and special events.

You can easily spend the whole day at the Bay Area Discovery Museum, but make sure to get there early. The parking lot was almost full by the time I arrived, which was just a bit past 10 am on a Friday morning. The Bay Area Discovery Museum opens at 9 am Tuesday through Friday, and 10 am Saturday and Sunday.  Doors stay open until 4 pm during the week and 5 pm on the weekend.  Bring a bag lunch to enjoy, or stop in at the café.  The café does have limited hours, from 10 am to 2 pm Tuesday through Friday and 11 am to 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday, so make sure to plan accordingly.

Hours can slip by while wandering the amazing gardens, digging in the sand, climbing the various rocks formations, and exploring the environmental exhibits.  Bring the sunscreen and take your time. Strollers are okay, but do have to be left outside of certain rooms.  Shoes are taken off in play areas, so make sure to keep your belongings close or in cubbies located at the front of discovery rooms.

They aren’t joking when they say the museum is set up for the wee ones.  The tot spot, an area just for the very little, had fantastic areas to crawl, explore, play, and touch all set up in a safe and soft environment.  We rolled around, crawled lots, and played so long, before I had even buckled my baby in the car seat she was snoring.

Check out the Bay Area Discovery Museum’s website for more information and details about upcoming events and activities.  See you there!