Traveling on planes with babes

A milestone will take place next week. We will be venturing on our very first plane trip with our babe. I am excited to do some traveling and totally scared that we will be that family on the plane with that screaming child that just wont stop. You know, that one you’ve craned your neck to get a look at and then carefully stared down the parents?

Yeah, I’ve done that – before I had my own kid.

My daughter is not easily contained. Changing her diaper involves holding her down. Getting her into the car seat sometimes involves lots of patience. The idea of “holding her on my lap” for three hours makes my stomach do a scary-icky-twisty thing.

I fear for the rest of the passengers on that plane.

Basically, I’m probably going to be packing some undies and a t-shirt and shorts for myself, clothes for my babe, and fill every other available bit of space with stuff to entertain the child.

I’m not sure if it’ll be enough.

I am aware that I’m overreacting and the minute she gets on the plane she’ll probably fall asleep. But, you never know.

What has saved you on plane trips with your kids?

Seriously, please tell me. I need some help here!