Diaper drama

Every morning I hope to encounter a happy and excited baby that is ready to take on the world. Most mornings I find a wet, ornery, and wailing baby. She is soaked through, sometimes up to her armpits. It literally breaks my heart.

The diaper drama has been ensuing for several weeks now. Through experimenting with various diapers, changing the amount and time of liquid ingestion, and just crossing my fingers, I have found that nothing works. The baby still wakes in a puddle of pee.

I have layered diapers on her, purchased super-expensive-extra-absorbent diapers, and withheld liquids after dinner. I have scaled down the final bottle feeding of the day (and considered eliminating it altogether), and avoided watery dinner items. I am about ready to duct tape a towel around poor baby hoping she will be dry as a bone come morning.

So, the diaper drama saga continues on. Maybe using three diapers will be the solution.

I’ll try that tonight and let you know how it turns out.

Sleep Smeep

My child has decided she no longer requires sleep. I, on the other hand, still find it somewhat necessary. For some reason, the darkness of night, the nice warm bottle, the soft twinkling tunes and the nurturing plastic paci no longer lull my wee one into sweet oblivion. Nope. She has decided to just stay awake.

Sure, she fell asleep while we were running errands in the car today. Short little snippets of sleep between stops. I wanted to curl up in the back seat next to her, but refrained and tried to interact with my husband. I didn’t do well.

The previous night I listened to her as she hummed in her crib, threw her paci to the ground, gummed her mouth along the edges of her crib and chewed on her blankets. Every 30 minutes or so I would shuffle into her room to do who knows what hoping it would encourage her to settle down and go to sleep. Sometimes she would trick me with a short amount of silence, enough for me to just barely enter a dream, and then the sound of plastic hitting the floor would waken me.

So, what to do? Dose baby with Children’s Tylenol? Duck tape baby to the crib? Slowly go insane? It’s not like she is wailing away all night. It’s not like she is screaming bloody murder not being rocked or cuddled back to sleep. Nope. She is having a lovely time just relaxing in her crib. Not sleeping.

Maybe tonight will be the night. Maybe tonight I will get a couple hours of sleep. Maybe.