Well, Christmas has come and gone and now the night of all nights looms around the corner – New Year’s Eve. A night full of making ridiculous resolutions, alcohol and too many expectations. All these things combine into what I find to be the most dreaded eve of the year.

All the hype is what gets me first. Everyone a buzz about what their plans are, the hottest spot to be and the coolest place to celebrate. Secondly is the amount of money people are willing to spend to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Some parties don’t start until 11 pm (which is when I usually hit deep REM sleep). Celebrate what? Spend tons of money for what reason? Leave my nice warm house to go where and why?

It all seems like a lot of money, time and energy wasted for nothing.

I have very few memories of New Years’ Eves of past – mainly because I was wasted, drunk, snockered! That’s what New Year’s Eve is for, right? It seems to have turned into some sort of extension of adult Halloween parties where ladies dress like naughty devils and everyone drinks way too much.

Sorry, just not into it anymore.

So, I will be spending New Year’s Eve as a boring no good party girl in my living room watching an action packed Blu-Ray and sipping some Veuve. You are welcome to join me, but don’t expect me to be awake at midnight – I am tuckered out from chasing a baby around.