The Resolution

So, it is a new year, which means resolutions. Things you aren’t going to do anymore, or lots of things you plan to do.


I say instead of making resolutions, a new year is the time to clean the house and properly dust the corners, wash the linens and pull out all those skeletons from the back of the closet. That hidden pack of smokes that are so stale the thought of even lighting one up makes your lungs hurt. That box of pictures from high school when your hair was bigger than life. The baby clothes that aren’t going to fit the baby anymore. The collection of food bits at the back of the cupboard that wont ever be snacked on.

That’s right, go through every drawer, every nook and cranny. Pull out all those clothes that you never had the heart to donate, the collection of notebooks full of pointless poetry and the textbooks leftover from high school (most of those countries don’t even exist anymore).

Take a good look at it all. Really, take a super good look at it. Remind yourself why you can’t part with the junk (except for the food bits, those you should throw away). Take a walk down memory lane and think about how you got to where you are today in this new year. This stuff is part of you – it has been with you for a while for some absurd reason.  You haven’t thrown it out.

Make sure to dust everything off before you put it back. Invest in a couple big plastic containers to keep the photos safe and to store those silly ring binders full of writings. If it is all organized, it takes up less space. This way next year, it will be easier to get it all out to look at it again.

And the good thing is you probably burned some calories while doing it all.