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The truth is I got so caught up with the babe’s fever that my plans for creating a fun and absolutely fabulous Halloween costume have totally disappeared. As always, I had some pretty grandiose plans earlier in the month. That was before I got a couple of writing assignments, got caught up watching baseball (really, I did), and busy dealing with sick baby. I finally took a quick peak at the calendar today and realized – gasp – that Halloween is but a days few away!

This made me even less motivated to try to get my creative juices flowing or even go near the sewing machine. The thing is, little kids could care less about dressing up. We, as parents, do it so we can snap thousands of pictures of the adorable moment and then laugh amongst ourselves while watching the wee tot pull desperately at the darn costume doing anything they can to tear it off. Finally, we end the torture and let them walk around with half the costume on, which is still pretty cute.

My child is WAY too young for trick or treating. But, we have some wonderful friends that invited us over to help pass out candy and then maybe parade our dressed-up children up and down the street for fun. So, of course, I need to have something absolutely fabulous to toss her into for the special occasion. And, it’s Halloween after all.

But, I refuse to buy a costume. In all the years I dressed up, I don’t remember mom tucking me into a pre-purchased Cinderella outfit or plopping me into a zip-up-the-front Elmo. I’m not saying buying your own costume is a bad thing – I’m just not into it. Earlier in the month, I had visions of creating a flower head-piece and a green shirt with felt leaves attached. I’m now leaning toward her hippie-print pajamas I picked up two weeks ago and lots of beads and bracelets.

So, crafty mammas and daddies out there, what’s your favorite homemade costume? Anyone want to share?

First photographs

As you know, I’m visiting with my family for a long weekend, and we DID survive our plane ride – but that’s for another time…

What I really wanted to share were the first photographs my daughter took. She picked up my camera (while I wasn’t looking) and proceeded to snap away. Amazingly, she got some really lovely pictures! Here’s the thing, your kids CAN take pictures on their own, even ones as young as mine (eighteen months) and totally understand they are doing something creative with awesome results.

Wonderfully, my daughter took her photos and then brought the camera to me before she deposited it in a not-so-happy location, like the dishwasher.