Get it Guide: Kicking some butt


There’s no denying the holiday season added extra jiggle to my already gelatinous middle.  As it is I’ve barely got enough time in the day to get the basics done, which means putting aside a few moments to work out hardly ever happens. And stepping on the scale is out of the question. So when my latest Get it Guide Guru post was to try out some new fitness DVD’s to ring in the New Year, I was ready.


I describe my fitness level as: okay.  I’ve got several pounds hanging around that wouldn’t be missed.

I exercise: 20 minutes 3 times a week (sometimes). Hey, I’ve got a toddler – that’s a work out.

My usual reaction to fitness DVD’s is: Boring.

Keep on reading, or head on over to Shine, to see which fitness DVD’s I checked out – and if I’m still using any of them….

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Get it Guide: The hottest holiday toys


I’ve got a toddler, which means our home is a playground/toy store. Nothing holds her attention for more than a couple of minutes and most toys are trashed, making us feel like we wasted our money while purchasing the “latest and greatest” goodies.

So when a special box arrived from Yahoo! filled with this holiday season’s hottest toys, we couldn’t wait to check them out. My daughter is a bit young for it all, but I’ve got a niece and nephew that were eager to dive in, and a husband that couldn’t stay away either.

Check out the what all the Gurus had to say over on Yahoo! Shine or keep reading for what toy won out at my house…

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Get it Guide: Finding the perfect jeans


I love wearing jeans – but have the hardest time finding ones that fit. Either they droop in places they shouldn’t, or hug too close in all the wrong spots. So when my latest Get it Guide Guru assignment from Yahoo! Shine was to find the perfect pair of jeans, I honestly thought it wasn’t possible.

I was wrong….

Find out what my favorite pair were by heading over to Yahoo! Shine or keep on reading below. And, don’t forget to vote for your favorite jeans over at the Get it Guide!

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Smelling like a celeb

R to L: Bieber, Aniston, Spears, Beyoncé. Photos thanks to the hubs (aka Dean Lipoff)

I’ll admit that spending cash on something that’s going to make me smell fabulous isn’t high on my list. But, I’d totally love to walk by the husband (and the rest of the population) and leave an impression from the amazing scent I’m wearing. So when I had the chance to check out some of the hottest celeb perfumes as a Get it Guide Guru for Yahoo! Shine – I couldn’t wait to spray away.

Here’s what I thought…