Baby went boom

© Sarah Lipoff

Well, it finally happened. My lovely daughter tumbled down the stairs and we had our first real-life emergency situation. Let’s face it – some sort of accident was bound to happen eventually. Once our daughter was born I prepared for the worst by having important numbers next to the home phone (and locked in my cell), staying updated on emergency procedures, and taking baby CPR.

I also hoped and hoped we would never have an actual emergency.

Our house is a split-level with one length of stairs off the living room, a landing, and then another couple of stairs. Once my daughter could scoot herself around, we installed a baby gate. As soon as she was able to walk, the hubs and I tried to be diligent about communicating if the gate was open or closed. But, the other day, it was left open (we both thought the other had shut it), which resulted in a horrid bumping noise and then the screaming wail of our poor babe.

As I ran to her everything switched into super-slow motion. All those emergency numbers went buzzing through my head and I tried to determine if my husband should start the car. I was hoping she didn’t have any bones popping out (because I might toss my breakfast) along with wondering what DO you bring to the emergency room in an emergency. And, I wished upon every single thing I could think of that she was OKAY.

I checked her head for large indentations, gently prodded her body for jutting bones, and held my whimpering daughter tight while offering her lots and lots of loving. There didn’t seem to be any observable signs of damage, but I was totally freaking out imagining internal bleeding, hemorrhaging, brain damage….

Instead of rushing off to the emergency room, I opted for a call to my pediatrician’s office. Luckily, there is an emergency on-call nurse for such occasions. I was reassured that babes ARE indeed made of rubber (well, not really) and she was going to be just fine. I was told to offer a cold compress, watch to see if she spiked a temperature, seemed lethargic or vomited, and to give her a warm comforting bath before bed to ease any sore muscles.

I took a couple deep breaths and calmed myself down. Along with caring for my daughter, I knew I needed to remain relaxed so she would understand that everything WAS okay. At least I didn’t find her chugging the cleaner under the sink.

Which reminds me – I better make sure all the cupboard door locks are in place. And, I think I’ll double-check that the wall sockets are plugged. Probably not a bad idea to install some window locks, too. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

What was your first emergency with baby?