Eating habits of a 20-month-old

© Sarah Lipoff 2010

I am not a big fan of the high chair. It’s beneficial at times, like when I want to take a shower – by myself. Or, when I want to use the computer without fear of the whole thing being covered in fingerprints, snot, saliva, and food tidbits. But, when it comes to being used for eating, the high chair doesn’t deliver.

My daughter is a good eater, but, like my husband, isn’t really a fan of leftovers. So, when I find something that she likes and then try to offer it to her more than once in a couple of days, it is tossed to the floor. Ironically, once she’s removed from the high chair, that floor-food is the BEST food EVER.

I’ve decided that maybe I should ditch the high chair and instead keep my floors extra clean.

Well, no, really. I’ve started introducing my babe to the mini-table and seeing if she’d eat sitting on her own. It hasn’t been super successful, and starting preschool hasn’t been helping. She’s already been labeled as that kid who “eats-everyone-else’s-food.”

My solution has been to lower the high chair to its lowest setting and stock her tray at lunch with a fun selection of food and let her graze away. At breakfast, she’s tightly secured in the high chair while I shower, and at night we are working on eating at her wee table. And, on the days that we are at preschool, I just hope that she doesn’t slobber too much all over everyone else’s lunch.

The other major part of this whole food-stealing/grazing during meals issue is that my daughter is 20-months-old.

There’s no reasoning with a child at this age.

So, until she figures the whole thing out, she’s a food stealer.

I guess she’s getting a chance to taste test lots of different things…