Tis the season

The holiday season is upon us bringing with it love, happiness and warm fuzzy feelings. This is a great time of year and I enjoy sharing it with others doing holiday things. It also brings a little nagging tug in my stomach. My hands clench. I get a little jumpy.

Tis the season for crappy driving.

Where I live there is no dreaded snow or ice – nothing to make drivers slow or swerve. They just drive crappy during the holiday season. I understand that for some this is not a cherished time of year, that they are lonely or are separated from loved ones. I understand that some may not have the money they desire to purchase perfect gifts for others. I understand that some have bad days and don’t know how to deal with stress healthfully.

That doesn’t give them the right to run red lights, tailgate, change lanes without looking or signaling, drive over the speed limit or flip you the bird for following the rules of the road.

There is lots of extra stress and anxiety and activities and family functions this time of year. You will get there when you get there. ¬†Showing off while driving isn’t going to make your loved ones love you more.

Just the other day a local family was coming home from a wonderful vacation. A mom, a dad, and two young children. They were driving on a road I had just driven the day before. They were following traffic rules and regulations. They were getting ready for the holidays.

Someone sped through a changing light and hit them. They all died.

I am allowing extra time while driving the next couple weeks. I am singing happy songs, smiling lots, waving at those I don’t know and not worrying about getting anywhere fast. Just think – if you did the same, maybe everyone would be a little safer.