Things I’ve learned while potty training

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve given potty training a half-hearted attempt with my daughter. Yeah, she’s young (just shy of two), but I think she’s ready for it. As a preschool teacher, I totally helped rock the potty training world of many a parent and child, but am finding this whole potty training thing in MY home to be a bit different.

And not for the better.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Putting a potty seat in the bathroom isn’t going to magically invite your child to run and pull down her pants to pee. In fact, the potty seat is the coolest toy ever. You get to sit on it, make pretend peeing noises, tear bits of toilet paper off to toss into it, and get attention whenever you go near it. Seriously, that’s like a kid’s biggest happiest thing ever. Actually going POTTY isn’t at the tippy-top of her mind while she’s hanging out with her new toy.

Peeing with your kids wont make it happen. I’ve peed with my daughter so many times I feel like she knows more about my peeing habits than I do (yeah, gross). She tears the toilet paper for me, likes to make sure I flush, and wont let me leave the bathroom without washing my hands. AND, you have NO idea the fun that happens when she gets to hang out with the hubs when he pees.

Pull-ups are a pain in the ass. Not only are they challenging for kids to pull up and down on their own, they can be super disgustingly gross to deal with when babe has gone number two. FUN.

I’m lazy. Potty training takes diligence and I am the Queen of Procrastination. This means that taking the wee tot to the potty every 20-30 minutes to give it a go just isn’t happening. And, I don’t have her trained to get in that bathroom on her own – yet. I do have visions of ringing a bell and the babe instantly stopping whatever she’s doing and robotically heading straight to the potty….

Going free-willy isn’t happening at my house. There’s a small part of my brain that has shorted out remembering my words to potty training parents, “hey, just go without those diapers and see what happens.” Seriously? What was I thinking. I let the babe run about for just a smidge too long the other night after bath time sans diaper and she left a wonderful surprise on her bedroom carpet.

So, those are my potty training pearls of wisdom. I’m sure you’ve got your list – especially if you are in the middle of potty training at your house, too. There’s no quick fix and some kids pick it up easily while others sure take their time.

I’m hoping my wee tot figures it out on her own and one day whips off her diaper declaring herself perfectly potty trained.

I can dream, right?

The big stink

My daughter’s room smells. There’s no way around it. Her room smells like diapers. This smell has been lurking in our house for quite some time now. It’s mainly due to my lack of enthusiasm for taking out her diaper garbage, our not-so-fantastic potty training, and the fact that our daughter goes poopy in her diaper.

Ah, the challenges of dealing with dirty diapers.

We were at our friend’s house the other night and her daughter’s room didn’t smell like poopy diapers, and then I spotted the diaper genie in the corner. I asked my friend about it, and she said, yeah, it cuts down on the smell, but it’s a pain to dump – and also was expensive.

Well, this late in the game, I’m not excited about spending a chunk-o-money on a diaper contraption.

I’ve tried the plug-in-the-wall air fresheners, but then there’s debate as to the health concerns associated with them. Well, they are also expensive, and I often forget them while out shopping (because they aren’t as important as milk, eggs, cheese….)

So, I’m going to try to be more diligent on taking out the diaper pail.

Or, maybe I should get more diligent about potty training.

I think I’ll work on taking out the diaper pail.

My babe survived the plane ride (wooohoooo)!

© Sarah Lipoff 2010

We’ve returned from our wonderful family vacation and are starting to get back into our normal routines. But, while washing the dirty clothes and unloading the dishwasher, I still catch myself shaking my head in amazement.

Our babe didn’t freak out on the plane!

The hubs and I figured that the ride there was a fluke – maybe she was just excited about a new adventure. But, when she actually seemed to enjoy the return flight, we both had to restrain ourselves from cheering gleefully! Yes, we let her watch a couple of hours of Sesame Street on the laptop and kept her mouth full of either grapes, cheese, or crackers (her favs of the moment) along with a gut filling combo of sippy-cup and bottle. BUT, not once did she scream out in complaint over being restrained in such a small space.

Speaking of gut-filling, all that liquid dangerously loaded my daughter’s diaper to the point I was worried there

might be an overflow if something wasn’t done about the situation. I wasn’t about to stop the intake of tasty beverages, so off to the lavatory we went. If you haven’t visited a plane bathroom with a child, it is truly a fabulous experience full of amazing maneuvering and utter mess.

First off, the changing table is seriously two feet by one foot (yes – I’m exaggerating a bit). My babe hasn’t been that small since birth! And, there’s no room to stand a wee tot to pull off a diaper and replace in an upright position. So, I wrangled her onto the changing table, and attempted diapering.

My daughter is also utterly fascinated with new things, and found the plane’s soap dispenser, paper towels, garbage, toilet flush knob, and pretty much every other part of the bathroom the coolest thing ever. AND, what made things worse was that she could reach all these items, pulling them out, down, pressing levers, and alternately shoving her hands into the garbage.


Getting the diaper on her wasn’t as challenging as I thought. Cleaning up the bathroom after our short visit was the bigger problem.

As we excited the lavatory, my daughter squealed with delight as she caught sight of her dad’s head and the glowing view of Elmo.

The frustration of the bathroom melted away and I started doing calculations in my head to determine if we could afford a trip to Hawaii anytime soon.

Now, how much ARE those tickets?

Diaper drama

Every morning I hope to encounter a happy and excited baby that is ready to take on the world. Most mornings I find a wet, ornery, and wailing baby. She is soaked through, sometimes up to her armpits. It literally breaks my heart.

The diaper drama has been ensuing for several weeks now. Through experimenting with various diapers, changing the amount and time of liquid ingestion, and just crossing my fingers, I have found that nothing works. The baby still wakes in a puddle of pee.

I have layered diapers on her, purchased super-expensive-extra-absorbent diapers, and withheld liquids after dinner. I have scaled down the final bottle feeding of the day (and considered eliminating it altogether), and avoided watery dinner items. I am about ready to duct tape a towel around poor baby hoping she will be dry as a bone come morning.

So, the diaper drama saga continues on. Maybe using three diapers will be the solution.

I’ll try that tonight and let you know how it turns out.