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Well, it’s official. Our cat is deaf. It’s a little sad – and a bit entertaining at the same time. I really didn’t figure it out until a couple of days ago when I noticed she wasn’t awaiting our arrival at the door to yowl for food, which is her normal behavior. In fact, she was sleeping so soundly I actually nudged her to make sure she was okay.

The cat was still breathing – but what I didn’t realize was that she couldn’t hear us coming up the stairs to alert her of our arrival to then stand at the top of the stairs and begin her ritual yowling.

After a few days, I asked the hubs about it. He clapped around her, stomped his feet, said her name… She eventually (with total disdain) turned her head to him. He declared her perfectly fit.

I did some research with my trusty computer and was told to do the vacuum test. Basically, turn your vacuum on when your cat’s back is turned and see if they bolt – unless you have a cat that loves the vacuum, but I’m not really sure if I’ve ever heard of a cat that LIKES the vacuum.

The other day, Delilah was happily lick-licking away at her long black fur so I picked up the handy-vac and turned it on. Nothing. I even went so far as to vacuum her. Nothing. She didn’t even turn her head. If fact, she meowed.

Either we have a cat that totally doesn’t care anymore or a cat that is totally deaf.

I’m leaning toward the deaf thing.

I still think she’s an awesome cat and love the fact that she lets our daughter sit on her, pull her tail, and squeeze her around the neck. I realize now that part of the deal is Delilah can’t hear her coming, so is potentially more tolerant to the babe because of it. But, she also gets loads of affection out of the deal – along with lots of leftovers from the daughter’s dinners.