Healthful Mondays: The temperature

© Sarah Lipoff 2010

Friday was a pretty innocent day. I did some work in the morning, my husband stayed home to play with our daughter, and we had an all around good day. That is until the evening rolled around. It always seems craziness happens after things are closed. Bedtime for our daughter was coming close and we noticed she seemed a bit sluggish. In fact, she was being down-right cuddly, which is somewhat unusual for our always-in-action babe.

We’ve been super lucky and haven’t had a trip to the hospital with out daughter, or the doctor (even after the fall down the stairs), and would like to keep it that way. She’s had her basic runny nose and stuff, but definitely nothing major. So, when I reached for the ear thermometer and it gave me a reading of 102 I just about freaked! Do I load her into the car for a trip to the emergency room? Do I fill the tub with ice?

I gave her a cold bottle of milk, put her in a onsie, cozzied her up in her crib, and did some research. It turns out that running a temperature is a pretty normal thing for wee tots, and unless there are other symptoms along with the temperature, such as vomiting, diarrhea, or has a rash somewhere on her body, she’s just fighting an infection. Dr. Sears told me to give her some baby medication and to stop freaking out.


Hiding in the back of the cupboard was some baby Tylenol that told me how much to administer on the package, which my babe sucked up, and then I sat down to try to calm down and wait at least 30 minutes before shoving the ear thermometer back into her now tender-from-being-checked-too-often ear. My husband told me to calm down, too, which got him a not-so-great look from me.

As I paced about (and my daughter snored away in her crib) I did a bit more research on this temperature thing. It turns out that a low-grade or common temperature is under 103. Parents only need to really seek out medical attention when a child’s temp soars over 103 and they have odd symptoms such as diarrhea, bumpy things on their body, or seriously lethargy – or the inability to wake up. Then it’s time to head to the emergency room! Really, it’s called go with your gut. If you feel something isn’t right, it’s time to dig out the home/cell phone number of your pediatrician or head to the closest hospital!

Within the hour my daughter’s temperature returned to normal, and even though she seemed a bit off for the rest of the weekend, her temperature totally went away after a day or so.

She’s back to her normal self opening all the kitchen cabinets and banging the pots and pans together.