Sea Change – Get ready for a flood of tears

There’s no other way to put it. You are going to cry at some point while reading Sea Change by Jeremy Page. For one, the writing is so devastatingly beautiful and so detailed, causing a dizzying sensation of something not right just around the corner. Then, within the first few pages, it happens. You want to turn away, to put the book down, but the action has already taken place – and you have to know what happens next.

I’m an avid reader. I swallow good books in big gulps often reading them in one sitting. With Sea Change, I had to pour over things in small chunks. Each chapter offered an assault on my ability to not break down bawling in huge gasps. The story was so true, so real, which made the path of Guy, the main character, even more heartbreaking. I cried with him, stared out at the sea with him, all while wanting so desperately to reach out and hold his hand and offer some sort of comfort.

Throughout the book I questioned how things might end, how Jeremy Page could twist the plot or offer a bit of closure. But, as the book dwindled, the realization that nothing can change events such as what Guy experienced set deep within me and I couldn’t stop the flood of tears.

Sea Change is a poetic, haunting memoir that leaves the heart aching with pain, understanding, and regret.

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