The Big 40

It’s my husband’s birthday next week. Every year I try to plan something special to do for him – a special dinner out, an overnight outing or cook something special. The thing is, the track record isn’t good. Most times the big birthday surprises turn out badly. The food is crappy at the restaurant, the hotel is a bit dingier than pictured or the birthday boy falls asleep before dinner is served.

So, this year he is turning 40. Extra pressure on wifey to find the perfect gift, the perfect activity, the perfect way to celebrate the BIG 40.

Remember when the best birthday ever was an ice cream cake and all your friends from down the street? Super gifts included awesome rock posters and swatch watches? And, who can forget their 21st birthday full of alcohol, alcohol and even more alcohol. Milestone birthdays are challenging. After 21, they all seem to go down hill.

I have wracked my brains. I got nothing. What do you get for someone turning 40? It’s not like the birthday boy is super ecstatic about the big day anyway.

Anyone have any ideas for me? Who knows the perfect gift for a man-boy turning 40?