Healthful Mondays: Playing=learning

As kids, we spent most of our time playing and figuring things out. As adults, we spend most of our time paying bills and taking care of various things from family to business to just keeping it together. We forget that part of learning, even in adult life, is through playing and allowing our brains some fun free-time. Just like kids, adults benefit from play time, too.

The importance of play in early childhood benefits learning in areas such as visual, spatial, verbal, physical, emotional – pretty much all aspects of being a complete human being. I don’t know about you, but I have early memories of trying over and over to squeeze a round-shaped plastic thingy into a square-shaped hole (even though it wasn’t working, I was persistent). I also remember running and chasing boys on the playground and feeling good about how my body could get quickly from one place to another.

Play is fun. Playing encourages learning.

As a new parent, I want to offer my child every wonderful opportunity to get ahead and be the best she can be. Spending time playing and interacting with her is at the top of my to do list daily. Along with encouraging her crazy playing, having her interact with others while playing helps her developing personality and hopefully her ability to share (we’ll see about that….).

So, why shouldn’t I spend some time playing, too? I haven’t given up on learning – I’ve got some years to live, and new skills and knowledge might come in handy. But, why is it that adults seem to have forgotten how to play? Is it that we’re lazy or too busy with all our new gadgets to play with each other or our kids?

Play connects us with others, encourages healthy behaviors, helps us cooperate, helps pass the time in a fun way….

Play is fun. Playing encourages learning.

So, what are you waiting for? Put down the computer and go PLAY.