Healthful Mondays: Soda free summer

It came to my attention this morning that the Bay Area is attempting to encourage youngsters (and old-sters) to kick the soda habit this summer. The realization that kids are drinking soda morning, noon and night makes my teeth hurt and my body to feel a bit bloated. I’m not a soda fan, and don’t drink it myself, but I do like sugar. So, I decided to learn more about this “Soda Free Summer” thing and find out what it was all about.

On average, the typical person ingests about 175 pounds of sugar a year. Go to your kitchen cabinet and look at the bag of sugar you have in your pantry. Mentally times that bag by however many it needs to create 175 pounds and imagine that in your body. ACK. That’s enough to scare anyone silly. The majority of that sugar comes from drinks. Kids chug soda without even really understanding or realizing what they are doing, starting their bodies down the path toward a lifetime of potential health hazards from diabetes to obesity.

As adults, we have to set the example and stop tossing back sodas ourselves. Not only are many of us addicted to the caffeine included in the fizzy drinks, but the sugar creates a buzz, too. Cutting off the soda can be like quitting smoking. Your body goes through withdrawal and it’s not super fun. BUT, the result is a healthier body and, probably, a good amount of weight loss.

You can get more information about Soda Free Summer and commit yourself to the program no matter where you live. This is an opportunity to educate yourself and your family about the downfalls of sugar and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You  might also save some money by cutting out the soda for the summer. Seriously. Check it out!

Hey, there are lots of other yummy things to drink that don’t make your hands shake or cause you to gain weight – like ice-cold water. Oh, and water is free, which is a major plus.