Art and your baby

Taking care of your baby is lots of work and sometimes finding the time to do something creative can be overwhelming. The dishes need to be washed, the laundry done and the shopping taken care of. Don’t neglect doing an educational and fun activity with your babe! Not only will it encourage your baby’s developing skills, it will help you bond with your little one!

Finger painting is a super easy way to do an art activity with your small child and also have a nice finished art product. Use red, yellow and blue finger paint on a small piece of finger paint paper taped to a table or the tray of your baby’s high chair to create a fun (and messy) art project. Protect baby’s clothes with an old t-shirt or put a bib on her. Hose baby down when you’re done or coordinate finger painting projects on bath day and toss her into a soapy tub when finished. Place the finished finger paintings in a decorative frame for an adorable display.

Create a digital picture collage with your baby. Do a quick photo shoot with your little one while they are enjoying a fun activity or eating their favorite food. Take several shots of them close up, making sure the pictures are in focus along with action shots and pictures from afar. Print the pictures out from your photo shoot and collage them on a large sheet of paper. Make sure to include a date on the collage to memorialize your photo shoot! Hang the finished artwork in baby’s room so they can enjoy looking at themselves and learning all about the parts of their face and fun expressions.

Hand and foot prints are a fun way to document how big baby is getting. Using a plain white onesie and some fabric paint, you can create a memorable print, as well as a fun outfit. Lay the onesie out flat with a sheet of paper between the front and back. Paint baby’s hand or foot with fabric paint. Press the hand or foot onto the onesie and quickly remove. Make sure to clean off baby! Allow the fabric paint to dry and then follow fabric paint directions to finish.

If you aren’t ready to tackle a full on art project with your little one, strap them into the stroller and head out to the local art museum. A walk through a gallery or art museum introduces your baby to the arts and is a great way to spend an afternoon.

No Matter what simple art projects you enjoy with your little one, know you are helping them to explore the arts and cherish them for years to come.