Yeah, I’m going to BlogHer PRO


Next Thursday I’m making the trek into the city to attend BlogHer PRO. I’m excited, anxious, worried, and apprehensive. It’s my first blogging conference and I’m not really sure why I’m going. Sure, it seemed like the right thing to do when I purchased the ticket over a month ago, but now I’m letting my head get the best of me and I’m seriously ready to find some excuse not to go.

Yeah, I’m lame like that.

But then I remind myself there is an amazing community of awesome crafty (and local!) ladies that are attending, all of whom I’m excited to meet. There’s going to be interactive activities and professional speakers. There’s going to be free food.

And it’s a whole day away from the responsibilities of the tot.

Yes, I’m seriously over-thinking what I’m going to wear, concerned I’ll be sitting in a corner all by myself — or that I’ll say something seriously awkward (which I’m known to do). But I also know I need to get over myself, get out there, AND BE SOCIAL.

If you’re heading to BlogHer PRO next week I’ll be there and I’d love to get to know you in real life. I’ll be the one lugging around my massive teal green Epiphanie camera/laptop bag.



3 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m going to BlogHer PRO

  1. Hey there!
    I feel the same way you do and it’s only 2 days away! I’m going with a friend who is volunteering and I’ll be pretty much on my own also hoping not to sit in a corner!

    let’s not sit in the corner together 😉

  2. Hello from another Bay Area mama! I’m going to BlogHer PRO tomorrow too, and I promise you won’t feel like a newbie for long. I went to my first BlogHer in NYC this past summer, and these ladies have a way of making everyone feel like friends! See you tomorrow!

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