Magic wand cat toy

My tot woke up today and decided that we should pick up a baby at the store. She spent almost an hour telling me all about how we should go pick out just the right one and that she was ready to have a baby. She also told me she wanted to be a baby when she gets big and that she wasn’t ever a little baby. Nope. We needed to go to the store and get a baby.

I was a little surprised about this new turn. We hadn’t seen any babies lately or had any big discussions about little ones, so wasn’t sure where this was coming from. The hubs and I haven’t even been talking about babies around her. It’s like she picked up on my hormones or something and was freely sharing my hidden desires for popping out another babe.

(We haven’t had much luck and are kinda moving on with the whole “trying-for-a-second-child” thing…)

So, anyway, back to heading to the store to pick up our new baby — I loaded her up and strapped her in as we made our way to the store. Once we arrived she tossed a bit of a fit that I had taken her to the wrong store. We weren’t at the BABY store but the CRAP store (which is how she says “craft” at the moment. Cute but not so cute when said loudly while walking through the store. “Mommmy? Mommmy? I just LOVE this CRAP store. This CRAP is SO cooool. Can I buy this to make a CRAP? Please, mommy, PLEAAASE?!”).

I gathered the stuff I needed for the day and asked her if she’d like to pick out something for herself. She decided we should make a magic wand cat toy, which would be perfect for playing with the cat while simultaneously doing magic tricks.

All you need to make your own unique magic wand cat toy are a wooden dowel, a bit of bright and sparkly ribbon, and a really pretty flower. I cut the dowel to a one foot long length and gave it a gentle sanding before starting.

I cut a few strips of the ribbon, piled them together, and then tapped them into the dowel with a small nail.

Then I cut away the bottom of the red sparkly flower and used my trusty hot glue to stick it in place. I had to remove the middle of the flower to make it flat, so hot glued a purple puff ball to fill the space.

The finished creation was attacked by both tot and cat within minutes of completion.

And there wasn’t any more talk about picking up a baby at the store for the rest of the day.

*And, yeah. Probably not the safest cat toy, so don’t let your kitty cat hang out with it unattended. And not guaranteed to actually successfully do any magic either.

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