Good stuff

It was a wonderful week – my parents came for a quick visit, which was really awesome. I’m a bit busy at the moment so it was fantastic to have my mom and dad to hang with the tot while I got stuff done. I wish they were just a short drive away, but they aren’t, so we enjoy every possible minute of our visits. One of my favorite parts of this visit was heading to a local park for a good ol’ bird feeding session. While watching my tot hurtle handfuls of breadcrumbs at the birds, I couldn’t help laugh at her enthusiasm. She had named all the birdies before we left to go play in the park.

Tossing stale bread at the birds is also a great way to encourage gross motor skills! Your child coordinates big movements of the body with the brain, getting that bread to land in just the right spot in front of just the right bird. Looking for other fun ways to hone gross motor skills with your tyke? Check out this awesome post I put together over at LilSugar!



Happy Sunday!

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