Gary Sinise Foundation and Tunnel to Towers Stephen Sillers Foundation Fundraiser

A friend of mine asked me to share this information with you about a great way to give back to those that have given for us. I don’t often get up on my soapbox about stuff, but this is a cause I am standing behind. It’s not about politics, religion, or really anything other than those that are deserving – and might not be able to help themselves due to other reasons.

Take a look at this short video sharing how you can help out injured military personnel throughout the country by building better housing for them. Together, the Gary Sinise Foundation and Tunnel to Towers Stephen Sillers Foundation, are working towards raising monies for this purpose through a benefit concert event on July 27th.

Remember, every bit counts.

If you are interested in donating, please email my friend Victoria directly at: Thanks so much – it really means a lot!

Or, if you are in the Jefferson City, Missouri area, purchase tickets for the event on July 27th – all proceeds go to the foundation!

*p.s. I wasn’t compensated for this post – just wanted to share.

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