Sun, sun, sun with Suntan Stan

The last couple of days the sun has been a wonderfully vibrant thing up high in the sky. We have totally enjoyed ourselves gardening, playing in the wee kiddie pool, and soaking up the sun. I grew up in the baby-oil-for-sun block generation and am starting to see the wear and tear it’s left on my skin, so am making sure to do a bit extra to keep things as good as they can be by wearing sunscreen. But I do think it’s okay to let the skin soak-up about 15-minutes of that healthy vitamin D before slathering up.  After having a bit of fun in the sun, we get out the lotion and coat our bodies.

Sunscreen is an amazing thing – especially when you have kiddies that love being outside. My talented friend agrees, so he wrote a book about it with the intention of educating kids (and adults) on the importance of sunscreen. It’s a sweet little book full of cute and adorable – and helpful tips on sunscreen use.

Suntan Stan enjoys tons of fun outdoors while remembering the importance of keeping on the sunscreen. This book is a great way to introduce the concept of wearing sunscreen to kids – and how they can be part of staying safe while outdoors and in the sun. My friend Larry Cheifetz is seriously hilarious (and the parent of three lovely girls himself) and this book shares his personality and passion for keeping kids safe – and healthy.

And, along with writing the book (with his co-writer Jennifer Horn and illustrator Mike Ferrin), Larry self-published it. Check out Suntan Stan’s Facebook page for more information about the book and how to pick up your own copy!

*Just so you know, I was not paid for this post or compensated in any way. I wrote this review strictly because Suntan Stan is darn cool – and so is my friend Larry.

2 thoughts on “Sun, sun, sun with Suntan Stan

  1. I for one read the book and think its a great learning tool for your kids 3-7 years old. It outlines a simple process for applying sunscreen that your kids can absorb and follow throughout their lives. Cheers to the author, great work…umm if that sounds a little self serving, so be it, i am the proud author. Thanks Sarah!

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