Sunday spectacular: Spring garden

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a Sunday spectacular. Things have been busy, but today, due to my new iPhone, I had a camera handy to document our wonderful day full of gardening. The tot is finally old enough to (kinda) understand what we’re doing out there in the yard, and really gets into checking the plants for buds, pulling weeds (and sometimes other stuff that I have to go back and re-plant), and excitedly awaiting the strawberries to turn red.

This is the third summer we’ll be at our house and we are finally figuring out what does well where. Today I dug up a few trees and found them new homes, purchased native plants to add to our hillside, and even put together a few hanging baskets.

It was an awesome day.

So, do you garden with the family? What are your favorite garden goodies?



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