Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

By the second page of Diary of a Mad Fat Girl I was laughing out loud. OUT LOUD. Stephanie McAfee sets the scene perfectly for a wonderfully fun read packed with interesting twists and turns – and true characters. By the end of the book I wanted Ace Jones as my new bestie.

Um, well, honestly?

I wanted to be Ace Jones.

Yes, you aren’t going to be on the edge of your seat with the comprehensive plot or intense situations, but you are going to snicker your ass off while getting caught up with the character’s dirty laundry while reading of Diary of a Mad Fat Girl. McAfee knows how to crank out a Southern-fried book full of ladies drinking sweet tea and lovers behaving badly.

This is the type of book that makes anything better – even a packed plane ride a full of ornery people. I guarantee you’ll be the one laughing out loud while everyone else is grumbling.

When her spring break plans are changed at the last-minute, Ace Jones is led down a bump-and-tumble road of events that could only happened in the unique town of Bugtussle, Mississippi. Instead of shrinking into the shadows, Ace runs head-first into the drama that starts unfolding around her, using her wit and quick humor to deal with one crazy situation after another.

But, when an old flame comes around, things change.

I found myself turning page after page, devouring the fun and trying to figure out how it would all end.

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