Dinner every night: Spinach

This week pretty much all our meals included spinach. I love fresh spinach and had picked up a couple of big bunches, which were happily added to our meals through the week. Even the tot enjoyed some finely sliced on her pasta. At first she wrinkled up her nose, but then hunger took over and she ate a whole bowl of her tuna, spinach mac-n-cheese.

Spinach is good stuff, full of healthy vitamins and antioxidants. Loaded with vitamin C and folic acid, spinach tastes great on just about everything. And, if you aren’t a big fan, purée some in your pasta sauce, mix fresh spinach with your dinner salad, or chop it up into itty-bitty bits and that spinach will blend right in with whatever you’re making.

I like tossing a few fresh leaves under toasty chicken or on top of grilled hamburgers. The big winner of the week was the garlic and oregano marinated chicken breasts over roasted chick peas (with spinach and homemade tzatziki sauce).

I’m not going to lie – it was a long week. The tot went to preschool on her own, which was big in our world. This was the first time we’d ever left her with anyone other than her Gamma and Opa, and the hubs and I were a bit on edge about the whole thing.

At pick-up, she told me to, “go home!”


We also did our taxes on Saturday, which went as I expected. I planned on owing, and owing I shall. We did enjoy a fun pizza night with friends and the husband had a successful photo shoot (even though his lame-ass (and not so awesome) beauty dish fell on my head). I’m looking forward to another fun week and also taking on the first challenge from the Yahoo! Shine Supper Club!

How was your week? Leave a comment and share your favorite recipe of the week!

*Top row from left to right: Slow roasted pork tenderloin over barley spinach risotto, garlic oregano marinated and seared chicken over spinach and white rice, alongside roasted chick peas (and homemade tziatziki sauce). Bottom row from left to right: Turkey sausage stuffed mushrooms and parmesan pasta with spinach, big mushroom simmered chicken thighs with spinach over mashed potato, boneless pork ribs over spinach polenta with fresh steamed asparagus and peas.

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