The Magic Room

Just about every girl daydreams about her wedding at some point. No matter if she’s hoping for a princess dress or something simple and elegant, that gown is a big part of her romantic musing.

While reading The Magic Room by Jeffrey Zaslow I was reminded of my experience while trying on wedding dresses. I was with my sister at a re-sale and seconds wedding shop and we were on our own. I would’ve loved if Shelley, or any of her staff from Becker’s, had there to help me make my decision and then lead me down to the Magic Room for my final selection.

This book is such a good read and reminds us all that life happens when you least expect it. The stories shared in The Magic Room tell of anxious young brides, mother-daughter relationships, and the irony and tragedy of love.

Make sure to get nice and comfy before starting to read The Magic Room. Once you start you won’t be able to stop.

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