Monday spectacular: Christmas (but not Christmas)

For the last couple of years the husband and I have been a bit unsure what to do during the holidays. He’s from a Jewish family, mine has fun holiday/Christmas traditions, and we have no family in the area. The tot is still a bit young – she’s not all caught up with the whole “Santa” thing yet – and my parents decided to be snow birds and head out to our part of the country just after Christmas.

What to do?

We decided to delay the big celebration until later this week. It just didn’t seem right to open gifts on Christmas and then again on post-Christmas with the grandparents along with the nightly Hanukkah candle lighting and small gift sharing (and the tot’s birthday is in the first few days of January…. Can you say gift opening craziness?!).

Instead of just sitting around on Christmas and then hitting the all-you-can-eat China Buffet for dinner, we decided to do something different.

We packed up and went to the beach.

And it was awesome.

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