I’m not getting the husband anything for Christmas this year


Really, I’m not buying anything for the husband for Christmas this year.

It’s not that I’m mad at him or that he doesn’t deserve something nice or we don’t celebrate Christmas (even though he is Jewish), it’s that every year I spend hours and hours scouring around for the latest and greatest anything to get for him and always end up picking the wrong thing.

No joke.

Last year I bought him a back massager – you know the kind you plug-in and put behind you while sitting in a chair or lounging on the couch? I tossed down the cash and instantly knew it wasn’t the right thing. But, I trudged on home with it, wrapped it up, and happily presented it Christmas morning.


We all used it a couple of times, the tot enjoyed laying and sitting on it, and then it was tucked away in the closet only to be brought out a handful more times.

It’s in the closet right now.

So, for that reason, I’m not getting anything for the husband for Christmas this year.

I have ideas for free things (yeah, I know what you’re thinking…), like putting down the computer when he’s trying to tell me about his day, taking out the garbage instead of leaving it until it’s overflowing for him to do, not leaving the clean laundry in the basket for days causing all his work shirts to be super wrinkly (which I don’t iron), ironing, making sure I give him a kiss before he leaves for work and when he comes home at the end of the day, really scratching his back when he asks me to and not just reaching over and doing a half-ass job…

Basically being a better me.

I know that’s not really a gift, but it might make things a bit better around the house, which might make us both a bit happier – especially on those days when the tot is being, well, a toddler.

Maybe after Christmas I’ll treat him to a new shirt sans wrinkles (and then make sure to keep it that way)…


One thought on “I’m not getting the husband anything for Christmas this year

  1. Dear, all those things ARE a gift to your husband! While they are not gifts that you spent money on, they are all giving of your TIME, which is just as valuable, if not more so. Those things truly show you love him, much more than a possession, like a back massager, does. 🙂

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