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I’ve got a toddler, which means our home is a playground/toy store. Nothing holds her attention for more than a couple of minutes and most toys are trashed, making us feel like we wasted our money while purchasing the “latest and greatest” goodies.

So when a special box arrived from Yahoo! filled with this holiday season’s hottest toys, we couldn’t wait to check them out. My daughter is a bit young for it all, but I’ve got a niece and nephew that were eager to dive in, and a husband that couldn’t stay away either.

Check out the what all the Gurus had to say over on Yahoo! Shine or keep reading for what toy won out at my house…

Animal Planet Air Swimmer: Shark

The price of this toy is: okay. You have to pick up a helium tank or pay extra to fill it at the store – but it’s worth it.

This toy would be great for: entertaining the whole family – as long as the kids can wrangle the remote from the adults.

The benefits of this toy seem to be: learning how a fish swims – and it’s so cool!

The downsides are: none, other than there’s a big fish floating around your home, which can be a bit surprising in the middle of the night.

This toy reminds me of: going to the aquarium in the coziness of your own home.

I would buy this for my child: YES. She’s not old enough to really play with it, but I can until she is!

Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu: Mountain Shrine

The price of this toy is: great! For a small investment, your Lego-crazy kid can have hours of fun.

This toy would be great for: kids aged 7 and up (but it does seem to be geared for the boys).

The benefits of this toy seem to be: fine-tuning the ability of constructing things via diagrams and snapping itty-bitty pieces together, which hones fine-motor skills and the knowledge to build boxed IKEA furniture later in life without swearing copiously.

The downsides are: lots of super-small pieces that get lost easily. My nephew kept misplacing the sword…

The toy reminds me of: spinning a top with attached mini numb chucks.

I would buy this toy for my child: YES – for my nephew (just don’t tell him)!

Monster High: Gloom Beach Frankie Stein

The price of this toy is: perfect – not too expensive and reasonable enough for a holiday gift.

This toy would be great for: girls 8 and up.  My niece had a nice time playing with it but did lose interest after a bit.

The benefits of this toy seem to be: none, other than teaching young girls how to scantily dress.

The downsides are: Sure, zombie dolls are kind of cool, but, seriously, the Beach Frankie Stein was pretty barely-there on the clothing front.

This toy reminds me of: a painted blue Barbie. I’d rather offer my daughter a plain ol’doll and let her go crazy with some blue paint.

I would buy this toy for my child: nope. I’d maybe pick one up for my niece, but I think I’d rather get her an Animal Planet Air Swimmer.

LeapFrog LeapPad

The price for this toy is: outrageous. Not only is the LeapPad $100 smackers exclusively at Toys”R”Us (and they were out the day we went to check it out), each game/program costs an additional $25.

This toy would be great for: parents that have kids already addicted to their iPads (and want them back).

The benefits of this toy seem to be: potentially great for introducing basic learning skills, but all I see are the super-addictive antisocial possibilities.

The downsides are: the price and that constant hand-held thing.

This toy reminds me of: how cool Speak & Spell was. I wonder where I can pick one of those up…

I would buy this toy for my child: probably not. The price is just too high and I’d rather interact with her in real life.

*I wrote this post as a Yahoo! Get It Guide Guru. Yahoo! provides me with exclusive Get It Guide content and products. If I think there is something valuable that you should know about, I’ll share it with you. Yahoo! pays me for my participation in the program, but that sure doesn’t stop me from telling it like it is.

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