I made the final 3 in the Hidden Valley Ranch Ultimate Lunchbox Challenge!

 - by Sarah Lipoff

Okay, remember awhile back when I shared how I put together this little video¬†sharing my Turkey Tortilla Sushi recipe¬†for a chance to be on the Cooking Channel via the Hidden Valley Ranch Ultimate Lunchbox Challenge? Well, guess what? I’m in the running! (that’s me over on the right!)

They’ve picked the final three contestants and I’m one of them!

(Yes, I’m using lots and lots of exclamation marks!)

Show me some love and head on over to check out the competition as well as revisit my recipe for Turkey Tortilla Sushi. The winner is partly determined by how many votes the video gets – so vote for me once daily until December 27th.

The winner will be announced January 9th!

(I’m so excited!)

Here’s what it the finished lunchbox creation looks like:

Thanks for your support!



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