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Jury duty – The Marin Center

Posted in About Life, About Me by Sarah Lipoff on 10/28/2011

So this week I had jury duty. Sure, loads of you cringe when you get that mailer, but my toes curl with excitement. Jury duty is all about potentially countless hours with a book spattered with momentary interruptions of people watching, small chit-chat, and announcements from the jury duty people. I’ve been called about three times since I’ve lived here and each time I spend about four hours in the holding room and then am released to go about my day.

With a tot at home and a full-time-working-hubs, serving on a jury is pretty much not going to happen. But I sure wasn’t a bit enticed with the idea of serving on a one-day trial just to experience the wonders of our judicial system.

I packed my bag with a book, the laptop, some notes for work stuff, and tried to suppress my excitement.

Not only was I heading off to jury duty but to the Marin Center – a building designed by one of my mostest-favoritest architects ever.

Frank Lloyd Wright.


That’s right.

The Marin Center as one of Wright’s last commissioned buildings and controversial from the start. The site was supposed to be a hospital, people weren’t excited about the space being used as a music venue/civic center, and Wright had some baggage – and was really at the end of his career. But, with all that said, this building is one of the biggest landmarks in Marin.

And it’s awesome.

During the hours I was planning on cozying up with a good book (in a filled room while sitting on a crap-tastic folding chair), as soon as the sun streamed through the morning fog, I was off with my camera.

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