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Sunday spectacular: Oxbow Market, Napa

Posted in Life with Child by Sarah Lipoff on 10/23/2011

This week has been pretty crazy at our house. I had a couple of free days and decided to completely dedicate myself to the tot and potty training. It was time – but she needed me to put the darn computer down and pay attention.

So I did.

And we had a great time going to the potty every 20-minutes.


I also decided I wasn’t going to change our daily routine to work around the whole potty training thing. I just assumed my tot would go on the potty no matter where we were.

I had no idea that public restrooms are the total scariest things ever to a toddler. All those people, so much noise, and that whole being-confined-in-a-small-space thing.

Today the husband was going a bit bonkers hanging around the house and suggested a drive. I gave him a look, and he reminded me we made it out and about for a couple of hours the other day without any accidents…..

We loaded up and headed out to the Oxbow Market in Napa. It’s kind of a mini-mall for foodies. There’s a spice shop, specialty coffee, bakeries, a fish monger, oysters, cheese, ice cream, chocolates, and RESTAURANTS.

While strolling around and waiting for our tasty lunch, we headed to the bathroom – with no success.

I figured a little bribery was in order.

To the delight of any other’s ears in that public restroom I yelled out…

“If you want one of those super yummy cupcakes I better hear some potty right now!”

Let’s just say someone got that cupcake.

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