Yogurt clusters

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I love yogurt covered pretzels. Really. I love them so much I totally admit that every time they are purchased I eat them until they are gone. I don’t savor those sweet and sumptuous bits like chocolate. Nope. I gobble yogurt covered pretzels up.

The other day I had a huge craving for my creamy crunchy friends but didn’t feel like loading the tot into the car to make the trek to the market just to pick up yogurt covered pretzels. There has to be a recipe for making them, right?

Well, after extensive research, there wasn’t much result. Sure, I’m totally aware that yogurt covered pretzels are not heath food. Just because yogurt is in the title of the delectable treat doesn’t change the fact that there has to be some crazy weird stuff included in the ingredients to make the things so yummy.

Really. They can’t just be yogurt and pretzels.

Can they?

The closest I found was a recipe for yogurt covered raisin clusters. Sure, I like raisins. But not as much as I love pretzels drizzled in creamy frosty yogurt.

So I adjusted the recipe and created a concoction that turned out so good I had to put half the batch in the freezer so I wouldn’t devour them all in one go. This recipe really is super easy – but be warned. You need 24 hours to make these goodies. But, have no fear. The wait is worth it.

After I made the first batch (because, yes, I have made several more since) I learned keeping these clusters in the fridge keeps them nice and crisp – not soggy (ick). So, find a nice container or jar, strain some yogurt, and make some of these tasty yogurt clusters!


1 c plain yogurt

1 Tbsp butter

¼ t vanilla

6 c powdered sugar

2 c raisins

2 c skinny pretzel sticks (or use big ones – whatever you prefer)

1 c dry roasted nuts

Here’s the part that takes some patience. Line a strainer with a heavy-duty paper towel or piece of cheesecloth and top with the yogurt. Let the yogurt hang out overnight in the fridge, releasing most of its liquid.

The next day, gently press and squeeze any excess liquid from the yogurt and then place the thick stuff in a small saucepan. Add the butter and vanilla and stir gently over low heat until the mixture melts and comes together.

Remove from heat and whisk in the powdered sugar creating the yogurt icing that will hold the clusters together.

Break up the pretzel sticks and add to a mixing bowl along with the raisins and dry roasted nuts. You can totally tailor this combination to your liking. Want more raisins? Go for it. Don’t want nuts? Add more pretzels!

Now slowly add the yogurt icing to the mixing bowl and fold together using a spatula.

Drop the clusters by heaping spoonful onto a tinfoil-lined sheet pan.

Pop your clusters in the fridge and let cool and set for at least 3-hours before taste testing. Sure, these aren’t as perfectly frosty as those yogurt covered pretzels you pick up at the grocery store, but they are homemade (and you know exactly what went into them), which makes everything better!

You could also use flavored yogurt for something different, or add 1/4 c chocolate chips or peanut butter to the saucepan with the yogurt for chocolate or peanut butter covered yogurt clusters. SO simple!


2 thoughts on “Yogurt clusters

  1. Yum!!! That looks delicious! How do you store them if you just want to snack on a few throughout the week? Do you think they can be out of the fridge for very long?

    • I kept mine in the fridge and they were tasty for a week. I found when I left them out too long (more than a couple of hours) they got a bit soggy. But you could always make them without pretzels and see what happens!

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