How many hours should a toddler sleep? (because mine isn’t)

It seems the nights are getting shorter and shorter at my house instead of the opposite. Our lovely daughter has decided sleeping is for the cats and she would rather ramble for hours and hours like some crazed coffee drinker in an all night cafe than peacefully slumber. This means the hubs and I are both starting to slowly go insane.


Sure, we had the no-sleep thing when she was really young, but that was different. She was small and cute and sweet and fresh and new. Sure, she’s still cute, but she can talk now. She can say NO. She can say things like HELP ME, HEEEEAAAALP MEEEEEEE! after being tucked in tight for the night, which causes me to go crashing down the stairs in a split second imagining broken limbs and swallowed pennies.

Nope. She needs her blanket just right.

And now there’s the whining. And the repeating. Whining and repeating, repeating and whining.

No one is having a great time at my house right now. This makes me feel like a horrible parent and doesn’t encourage those lovey-dovey mommy and tot moments I know everyone else is having.

There’s no definite declaration for amounts of slumbering time for kids, but there are a few suggestions. KidsHealth finds most tots sleep around 10-12 hours a night. That’s just a crazy dreamy amount of time for my house. On a good night my daughter averages 8 hours of sleep.

Nope. She’s not napping all hours of the day. She’ll maybe doze for about 90 minutes in the afternoon.

Nope. We’re not keeping her up late or changing up her nighty-night routine. Every evening about 7:45 I trot her downstairs, read her a bedtime story, and tuck her in. The husband and I are lulled into a false reality that she’s snoring away, but usually by 8:30 we hear a little giggle. I ignore the noise and it progresses. Eventually she rolls out the big guns and I go down (I don’t make eye contact or conversation), tuck her back in, and walk away.

Maybe by 10 she’s asleep.

She’s awake by 6.

Let’s just say no one’s real cheery at our house lately.

Maybe tonight she’ll sleep.



2 thoughts on “How many hours should a toddler sleep? (because mine isn’t)

  1. I’m thinking she’s ready to drop her nap? I know it’s early, but not completely unheard of at her age… my niece stopped napping at 2.5 years and I know several toddlers in Oliver’s school that don’t nap anymore. I know it sounds scary, but could be a good thing for the sake of your nighttime sleep and of course your sanity!

    • OMG – I hope not!!!! Yesterday, she totally faked me out and sat in her crib for like an hour angelically and then told me she was “all done.”
      I need that nap time more than she does! HA!

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