Memory (and lack of it)

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The other day it happened. After spending just about half-an-hour at the market gathering all the items I thought I needed while keeping the wee tot entertained, we pulled into the time-to-pay aisle and while the checker enthusiastically scanned my items while desperately trying to look cool and aloof at the same time, my eyes just about bugged out of my head while realizing I had no form of payment anywhere on my body.

I had left the house with most items intact – child, shoes, and shoes on child, snack to divert child, car keys – but no MONEY! What was I thinking?

Obviously, not much.

Recently, I wrote an article about meditation and memory and how it benefits the young (and old) mind. I even tried meditating with grand hopes my memory would miraculously bounce back to what it was before baby. But, after a couple of mornings locked in the bathroom chanting while the child slammed against the door and the husband audibly tapped his foot in the other room, I gave up.

There has to be an easier (and more fun) way to encourage my synapses to snap into action and build my brain back to what it was. My memory skills are totally lacking. I couldn’t endure another visit to the market where I forgot any of the essential items (cheese, grapes, milk) and then had to shove the babe back in the car and do it all over again.

Seriously. One day I was at the store three times.

I did a bit of research and found there are so many brain-boosting things to eat out there – and lots of entertaining ways to keep the intellect intelligent. Foods like avocados, fresh fruit and veggies (especially the green leafy kind), fish, and nuts are all crammed full of great stuff. Avocados are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin E, and green leafy veggies are packed with iron, folate and calcium, which help keep things moving in the brain by encouraging healthy synapse connections.


I found an article that reminded me about all these magnificent things, along with some fun ways to build my brain up this summer while enjoying time with the family. The husband recently purchased an iPad, and since he’s busy loading it with apps, I got him to splurge on Scrabble. Let me tell you, we’re already battling over who can get the highest score. And, I loved the Motherboard’s suggestion to play more card games! I dug some out and the babe and I are having a fabulous time creating our own silly games, matching, counting the numbers, and organizing the colors.

I’m not sure if my brain is building better memory skills, but I’m having fun trying!

What’s your favorite way to keep your memory sharp?


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