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This has been a fun-filled week. We’ve all had our ups and downs as a family on vacation learning more about each other and spending time together. I’ve been with my husband just about 10 years now and he still does things that surprise and amaze me. The wee tot has been around for a little over two years and she’s so fun to spend time with. Enjoying new and exciting things with her reminds me not to take stuff for granted and to maybe look at everything with fresh eyes, too.

I always wanted to be a mom at some point in life. When we had such challenges getting pregnant, I really was worried I wouldn’t get my chance. Luckily, our daughter came along, and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed just about every minute of it.

Just about.

Hey, I’m not going to lie. There are times I wish I wasn’t a mom. There are many a morning I would love to cozy back into bed and not get up to tend to an awake-at-5-am child. Sure, I miss eating in fine-dining restaurants while sipping a fantastic glass of wine. Yes, I’d love to be able to read a book while relaxing on the beach….

But, instead, even while on vacation, you get up and deal with the child awake at 5am, eat in family friendly places where it’s okay if your child tries something new and then spits it out on your plate, and spend more time chasing after your child than snoozing in a beach chair in front of the waves.

It seems I can’t visit any websites lately without coming across a “what you wish you would’ve known before becoming a mom” list. Being a mom is being a mom. There’s no other way to explain it. You can’t “prepare” or think spending copious amounts of time with other people’s kids will make you the prefect parent or know what to expect once that baby comes along. You can totally change your way of life, hide away all your fancy stuff, spend all your time shuffling your kid from one thing to the next to keep her busy, but the real deal is that being a mom is being a mom.

And, being a mom kicks some pretty serious awesome booty.

Not too long ago I was asked by my friends over at the Motherboard what I find special about being a mom. I was stumped – picking one thing was a bit tricky. But, for me, it all comes down to enjoying the wonders of a new little being experiencing, learning, and loving.

So, if I was going to make my own mommyhood advice list, here’s what it would include:

1. Take out all your most beautiful clothes that you wore before you were pregnant. As soon as you can fit into them again, wear them. Don’t hide those clothes away worrying you might dirty them up with baby spit-up and peanut butter covered hands. Washing machines take care of that. Mamas look great when they are wearing clothes they love – and kiddies love a happy mama.

2. Let your child explore, touch, and feel things in your home. Yes, put your favorite stuff up high, but if you teach your child at an early age that you find certain things special and important, she will, too. And, if she breaks something along the way – so be it. Things break – get over it.

3. Sleep while the child is napping, or learn to not complain about your constant lack of sleep. People get tired of hearing how exhausted you are. Really. Or, go to bed early. What are you staying up for anyway?

4. While pregnant, do tons of push-ups to prepare for all the baby holding you’ll be doing. Along with having really hot-mama buff arms, you’ll be able to cuddle and carry your babe for hours and hours. You’ll miss not being able to carry her when she’s too big.

You will.

5. Before having the baby, drop small items on your toes several times daily, run into all furniture in your house shorter than three feet high, and watch as many heartbreaking and laugh-till-you-cry movies as possible. Prepare to endure the same heartache/happiness and pain at least five-hundred times a day once your child is born.

I love being a mom.

What would your mommyhood list include?

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