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I really dislike cleaning the bathroom. There’s nothing I love more than a sparkling bathroom. So, I have a pretty intense love/hate relationship with my commodes. There are two in my house, which makes double the fun to deal with. Because we are “attempting” potty training in the upstairs bathroom, it’s definitely the worst of the two. It’s also my husband’s bathroom. Yes, along with separate checking accounts, we have separate bathrooms – it just worked out that way.

Well, the other night, when the hubs got home, I slunk into the upstairs bathroom to steal a couple of minutes of “me-time.” While I was catching my breath, I couldn’t help but notice the complete lack of shininess around me. Everything gleamed a dull gray.

It was time for a cleaning intervention.


For me, the worst part of cleaning is the harsh chemical smell that is left behind from products which claim to miraculously clean and scrub away the scum without doing anything (which always make my head hurt). When done cleaning, I feel like things are clean, but still squirm a bit at the thought of how it got that way. I would love to toss those chemical-filled cleaners in the trash in favor of something much more Earth-friendly. So, the next afternoon during naptime, I hit the trusty computer to search out some clean-green solutions. The Motherboard had a few tips for real icks that left me ready to get experimenting with natural cleaning ideas – actually getting me excited to clean!


First things first. The bathroom smelled. Between the husband and the babe, there was a delicate-bit-o-pee smell hanging about. I filled a bottle with equal parts water and vinegar and got spritzing.  I have baby wipes in just about very room of the house (they really come in handy) and gave the whole bathroom a quick wipe-down. Now everything smelled better, but it still needed a good scrub.

To really get things going, I sprinkled a dusting of baking soda all over the place, busted out a new sponge, and gave my arms a good work out (wax on, wax off). I rinsed everything down with fresh water and started to see some sparkling going on. I also combined that vinegar and baking soda in the sink and tub drain to help break up any stuff hanging out in there. It was just like making a homemade volcano for a science fair project – I just used my own bathroom pipes instead of making some paper mache disaster!

I’ll admit, up to this point, things had been actually okay – even kind of fun, and I wasn’t feeling horrid about wasting naptime cleaning. But, I hadn’t touched the potty yet. That’s where I get skeeved out. I busted out the plastic gloves and drained the bowl (all while holding my nose). I figured this way I’d really get to scrub the gunk away. Once again, I dusted everything with baking soda, pulled those gloves up as high as they could go, and attacked that bowl with my scrubby sponge.

Well, in no time, that potty was sparkling! My head wasn’t ringing, I didn’t have to hold my breath while cleaning due to that chemi-smell, and I felt like things were CLEAN!

For the finale, I wiped everything down with a cloth dampened with some vodka that was hiding in the back of our freezer. It was lemon flavored, so also offered a great fresh finish.



And, maybe I did (or didn’t) toss back a shot of that vodka in celebration!


3 thoughts on “Green clean

  1. Well, it’s pretty much mandatory that I follow you posthaste. Just met you at #wineparty and click to read here, and look at this: the hubs and I have separate bathrooms and checking accounts as well! And I made quinoa muffins some weeks ago, too. And I love it clean. So count me in 🙂

  2. Gosh, that makes me want to clean! I love a shiny bathroom and aspire to keep it clean as I go, having separate bathrooms –as you know– makes that easier but the hubs’s is –as you know– a different story. So thanks for the inspiration and the cleaning lust.
    Vodka! Who knew. Gives one a whole new excuse when buying a half gallon of that stuff at the liquor store, say, weekly. “Whatcha lookin at?! I clean with it.”

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