Pampering (or, a glass of wine solves everything)


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The last couple of weeks have been utterly crazy. I can’t even believe we survived. Really. Between getting packed up and ready for vacation with a toddler, enduring a visit to Urgent Care in an unknown city, and bottle weaning, I feel like I’ve aged five-years in the last three weeks.

I need a break. And, it’s really hard to make time for that to happen. I used to be able to hide out in the bathroom (it was my go-to place), but now that the wee tot is starting to potty-train (kind of) she’s in the bathroom with me at all times. I actually resorted to spending extra time with the laundry the other day just take a couple of deep breaths and enjoy a moment to myself.


It wasn’t long ago that I guest-blogged for the awesome Amber Strocel about working on spending more time on “me.”  I’m sad to say that “me time” didn’t last long. So, when I was hanging out on the Motherboard the other day and found an article about real mamas getting in some quality “me time,” I was motivated to get back on that “me” schedule again. If all these other fabulous moms can do it, I can, too. Right? RIGHT?

Here’s the thing, not making time for yourself isn’t healthy. In fact, pulling those late nighters can cause your health to take a tumble. I’m totally at fault of trying to get in just a little more work when I really should be hitting the sheets. And those extra-cozy yoga pants are slowly starting to creep back into daily wear. My inner hot-diva mama is not shining through at all. I need to dig her out and let her see the light of day!

I got on the phone and made an appointment for a pedicure. I hadn’t had one since before my baby-shower forever ago, so it was time for some indulgence and pampering. What I love about a pedicure is that you can be anonymous and not chit-chat while hiding behind a magazine or book. It’s really like a mini vacation – except someone is touching your toes. I also picked up a nice bottle of chardonnay and got out those dusty bath salts hiding under the sink. I had visions of a nice long bath in silence, sipping a big-ol-glass of wine, all while appreciating my amazing freshly painted toes.

Well, on the day of the pedi appointment, the hubs couldn’t stay with the babe, all hell broke loose about the house, and the toes had to be painted by moi. And, instead of having a nice long soak on my own, the babe and I had a super-bubbly bubble bath – which really wasn’t that bad.

But, I did enjoy a nice evening. The husband offered to rub my neck while I sipped that nice, big glass of wonderful chardonnay. I even snuck a few peaks at my shiny toes.

I felt pampered (well, kinda – but good enough).

Maybe “me time” isn’t about being by myself, but really about enjoying those special moments with the ones I love.

What about you? How do you make “me time?”

2 thoughts on “Pampering (or, a glass of wine solves everything)

  1. I suck at getting “me” time in. And today I’m sick. I’m pretty sure the constant go-go-go and taking care of two kids is why.

    Take a break, or your body takes one for you. And it’s nowhere near as much fun.

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