Bye-bye baba

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I started out this month with some pretty high hopes of getting the babe started on a couple of big transitions. My plans included getting rid of paci (I’m so not a fan – but the wee tot is), really starting potty-training, and no more babas. Yeah, we call the warm milk bottle at the end of the day a “baba” and that baba needed to go. The thing is, I think I want baba time more than the babe does.


During our last well-check, my pediatrician asked about the big bottle, “You aren’t still giving her a bottle, right?” Right, right.

Okay, so I lied. Are you going to tell on me?

I fully understand the baba could cause teeth issues, icky stomach stuff, and baby addiction problems. But, I sure like those few moments where I get to snuggle up with the babe. She’s SO active – it’s rare I get to wrap her up in a blanket and spend just a minute or two with her.

But, it’s time. The baba has to go.

So, yesterday, we picked up some big girl sippy-cups and figured it was as good a time as any to ditch those bottles. I tossed them far back in the cupboard behind the glasses, so the wee tot couldn’t see them, and handed her one of the new cups full of milk. She seemed happy enough – but that was the middle of the day.

Then, the true moment came. It was baba time.

I warmed some milk in the sippy-cup and offered it to the babe.

She took a couple swigs. Looked at it. Handed it to me, and said, “no baba.”

Well, bye-bye baba.

(I’ll miss you)

I think tonight we’ll try cozying up with a book before bed.

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