Who’s driving the bus?

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Well, it’s taken a day or two to recover from our vacation. It’s not like we had a horrible time or anything (really, we didn’t). It’s that we survived. Between the babe’s ear infections, and the hubs and I just about having a knock-down-drag-out fight, we thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the sun and sand for a couple of days. It really was fantastic!

But, during the return flight, I had one of those extremely, extremely rare moments. For about 10-minutes I was able to peruse the pages of a current magazine. And, during those few moments (that I’ll never get back), I learned all about what I should and shouldn’t be doing. I read about what I should and shouldn’t be doing to have a better sex life, what I should and shouldn’t say to work-at-home or working moms, and, of course, what I should and should definitely not be wearing this spring.

I felt giddy and sick at the same time.

So, while I was trying to absorb how I should be instigating sex more but not talking with my partner about it (so he thinks I’m being more spontaneous), we were deplaning. Then, while struggling with my daughter trying to keep her from running up and down the aisles of the trolly to the long-term-parking, I went over the things I should never say to stay-at-home moms – or wait, what I should say to working moms….

Upon arrival to our house, after enduring the horrid yeeeoooowlings of our cat, I reminded myself that I should toss out any oversized spring skirts and really should think about picking up a mod-print shirt dress.

Wait. Who’s driving the bus?

Why should I listen to all this stuff? These people aren’t living my life! And, hey, if that work-at-home mom is a friend of mine, I think I’ll say whatever I want to her! And, do I really need to feel any more guilty about my sex life? It seems everyone else’s sex life is all blissed out (or they aren’t really telling the truth).

And, who really looks good in a shirt dress?


I think I’ll keep on keeping on. I’m doing okay.

But, I’m always open for advice….

I’m getting behind the wheel of my bus and taking charge. I’ve got a lot on my current list, and let me tell you, I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I’m planning potty training, paci weaning, and bottle deprival all in the next couple of weeks.

So, anyone have any suggestions for me?


3 thoughts on “Who’s driving the bus?

  1. If I had a bit of a sex life, knew what a shirt dress was, was not also planning potty training and paci-weaning (erm…not so much planning as avoiding thinking about), I might have something to say. As things stand: No suggestions here!

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