The sniffles – the follow up

© Sarah Lipoff 2011

This morning, our vacation was shot to hell with sick baby drama. It turns out that our wee tot wasn’t dealing with just a drippy nose. After a good 24-hours of hacking, snot, and low-grade fever, the common cold was being ruled out.

MAJORLY ruled out.

And, we’re on vacation in a town we aren’t familiar with.

And, she’s just not doing well. At all.

My general calm started to turn into total melt down out of control freaking craziness when the babe starting acting listless and her eyes got all wandery. I was on the phone, attempting to get ahold of our pediatrician at home, searching for any info online, and desperately looking for answers – NOW. Luckily we are on vacation with my parents, who have dealt with two children of their own getting sick and been through various child-rearing emergencies.

The crowd decided that the babe needed a trip to a location where doctors resided, which wasn’t the condos we were staying in. We made some phone calls, located an outpatient clinic, and swiftly found our way.

And, just in time.

It was early enough in the morning that there wasn’t a long wait. In fact, we were called in before I had even filled out the paperwork. As our child was spiking a 103+ fever, an attending nurse was getting her all checked out and ready for the doctor.

Within a few moments it was determined our daughter had double ear infections and she was given medication and kept under observation until the fever had subsided and her lungs were deemed clear. They even had her enjoy this crazy steaming thing that helped her breath better and clear her head.

This place was the best and treated us amazingly. I’m totally name dropping and letting you know that the Scripps Outpatient Care on Cedar Road in Vista is the best place ever. They made us feel comfortable, cared for, and not insane for completely being overwhelmed, over-tired, and uber-anxious about our first time ever visit to an emergency/urgent care facility with our wee tot.


This was the first emergency we’ve had with the babe.

And, while on vacation.

And, things turned out just fine thanks to a great medical team, the help (and calm) of my parents, and some nice sunny southern California weather.

Now, bring it vacation.

I’m really ready.

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