The sniffles

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Even though we are on vacation, that doesn’t mean that the sniffles haven’t decided to make an unwanted visit. This time of year is the worst, with the wee kiddies being kept indoors when it’s cold and damp and let out to run and run when the weather is warm. And, then, the snotty-drippy nose makes an appearance.

Yup. We’re on vacation and our child has a cold.

When you’re not at home and your child is sick it seems like everything is much worse than it really is. You worry her breathing isn’t right, her temperature is soaring out of control, that she’s going to go into high temperature seizures and stuff. Basically you become the total freak–out mama that’s supposed to be relaxing because she’s on vacation but can’t because her kid is sick. SICK.

So, when we got on the plane the other day and the babe starting this hacking icky cough kind of thing, I started to panic. The minute we got off the plane I insisted on a trip to any store where I could pick up cough suppressant and infant pain remedy. But, was it all really necessary? Was I a bit out of control?!


I did a little research in the am while everyone else was blissfully slumbering – and I was bleary-eyed awake – and found that most kids (and adults) are going to have a bit of some sort of nastiness this time of year. What I wanted to know was what I should be doing to avoid causing my already snotty-nosed wee tot any more pain, and how to get rid of this nastiness, quick!

There are a couple of myths about dealing with sick kids. I remember my mom telling me to avoid dairy when coping with the sniffles, and that going outdoors when it’s chilly (with wet hair) can cause a cold. Well, guess what. Not true. Dairy isn’t bad – in fact it provides your little sicky needed calories if they aren’t excited about eating. And, the Motherboard finds that heading outdoors in the cold (even with wet hair) isn’t going to cause everyone to get sick on the spot. Instead, it’s all about proximity. Did someone sneeze on you? Cough in your direction? Not wash their hands?


My little one was fighting a stuffy nose pretty fierce and had a bit of a fever – nothing to get all worried about. She still had her I-can-do-anything attitude, which made me realize that she was good-to-go with some pain reliever and honey in her milk to help that tickle of a cough she was dealing with.

And, hey, hitting the beach won’t hurt either! A little sunshine will burn all those icky germs away!

What helps your child battle the sniffles?

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