Three New Year’s resolutions I won’t be making (and a few I maybe will)

This time of year seems to be all about what you are not going to do next year and your plans to change those bad, bad ways. Everyone’s buzzing about making New Year’s resolutions – even my friends over at the Motherboard! After reading their suggestions and checking out what some real ladies are discussing, I got to thinking…

There are three New Year’s resolutions that I will NOT be making this year. Hey, if they happen on their own, that’s great. But, I’m not adding them to my list of things I’m up all night obsessing over. Nope. I’ve got enough to worry about.

So, here goes.

1. Losing weight. Yeah, it would be awesome to lose 10-15 pounds, but I’m not going to starve myself getting there. I love food and think I eat pretty well (no junk-food at my house). Cooking is my stress relief and the idea of having someone deliver my daily calorie-reduced food or laboriously counting food points makes my head hurt. I also live with a toddler who loves cheese and a husband that needs red meat and pasta to survive. I might be seriously maimed if those things aren’t available in the house….

2. Drinking less. With the aforementioned toddler and husband, I’m driven to drink here and there. I’m not downing a bottle of chardonnay by 2 in the afternoon, but yes, (gasp) I like a big drink at the end of the night. I think I deserve it. And, if that turns into another adult beverage after that first drink, I’m all good with that.

3. Saving money. This idea makes me twitch. Not only does it include lots and lots and lots of things (like saving for the wee tot’s college career, saving for a new car, saving for a pair of shoes, saving for a bathroom remodel), it makes me realize that there isn’t enough money to do all these things. Even if I made a boat load of cash it still wouldn’t be “enough,” because you always want more, more, and more money.

So, with that being said, there are a couple of things I’m planning on doing this new year, including:

1. Slathering as much love on my wee tot and other loved ones as possible. One thing I took away from this year is that life is precious and can change without discussing it with you first. I lost a friend, a cat, and had some interesting twists and turns along the way. The last thing I want to think about in the middle of the night is how I haven’t shared with others how much I love and care for them.

2. Cooking more and eating out less. This is good on all fronts. By cooking more at home and using lots of the healthy stuff, we are all eating better at my house – and cutting the costs of all those tasty lunches and brunches on the weekends (AND those extra calories)! So, the end result will be less eggs benedicts for me (win), more cash in my pocket (win), and more stress-release cooking for me (WIN)!

3. Paying toward my daughter. While paying those annoying bills each month, I’m going to start paying toward my wee tot’s future by putting X amount of money into her account. I’m just going to act like it’s another bill – it’s as easy as that. And, I think it’s only fair, too.

4. Putting myself first.

(This may take a couple of years to work on.)

5. Not worrying about what others think and say. Hey, I love you all, but you aren’t living my life. I value your opinions and suggestions, but I’m going to do what feels right for me.

So, are you making any resolutions this year? What’s at the tippy-top of your list?

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