Happy Mondays: Living

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This was a crazy weekend. Our daughter is at a stage where she doesn’t sleep because she’s afraid she might miss something. This means at 5:30 am I have a very awake and verbal babe in the other room going, “mama, mama, mama, mama……dada?” Your heart melts even though you’re so pissed about being awake at 5:30 am YET AGAIN.

So, this weekend, the husband had great plans for keeping the babe busy and awake during the day so she would sleep blissfully until 7:00 am – because that’s totally sleeping in for us. There were hopes of some morning hubs/wife time, coffee in bed, the child serenely awakening, you know, the whole happy-family thing. The husband and I made a list of all the fun items we needed while shopping and cozy-ed in for the night on Friday.

None of that happened.

None of it.

Bright and early Saturday morning (4:30 am) our daughter was awake and singing the ABC’s in her crib. The husband was still snoring, so I just waited it out. By the time he awoke at 5:30, she was singing itsy-bitsy spider pretty loudly and very off-key. Yes, cute, but not so cute when we had gone to sleep at 11 the night before. Oh, and I had been sprouting gray hairs since 4:45 am.

So, the husband did one of the most Amazing Things and took the babe upstairs so I could get a bit more sleep. In the almost two-years of our daughter’s life, he didn’t wake up once during the night to help feed or soothe her (mainly because he might be the soundest sleeper I have ever met). Which means I’m more than happy to let him hang with her a couple of uber-early mornings and not feel bad about it.

Then, we tried to run errands and didn’t make it far. Our back tires needed replacing, it was raining, the car was spinning. We also needed to meet with future-photography clients in the afternoon (with the child) and ended up having to ditch the shopping for tires.


After we met with clients, got the baby to bed, and finally ate dinner, it was time to plan the next day. We had a model coming for a photo shoot, which meant the house needed cleaning, clothes selected, and ideas sorted out. It also meant getting the babe to really SLEEP. Otherwise the next day would be a disaster.

Well, 5:00 am rolled around and the ABC’s came tra-la-laaaaaaaaing out of the babe’s room, which almost went to the beat of the hubs snoring. I grabbed the wee tot, tossed her in the bed, and we all actually snuggled and snoozed for the first time ever! In the past, our daughter would just grab, pull, poke, and prod. But, this morning, she blissfully hung out allowing me a seriously needed couple of hours of dozing.

While grabbing my coffee, I received news that a friend had gone missing. This is a friend I’ve known for almost 10 years. The last thing you ever what to hear is that someone you know and care about is missing.

The day went by in a daze. The photo shoot went smoothly. The hubs did his job, our make-up artist was totally amazing, and the model was hot.

I stood in the corner trying to be motivational but I just wasn’t there.

Life is precious. We so take it for granted.

You never know what might happen

Please. Love your life, and love each other.

*We received word our friend was located and transported to the hospital late last night. I have no idea what happened and really don’t know if I want to imagine what did.

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  1. It really was quite the weekend! As usual, I love your writing. It flows so well and you tell it like it is or was! I love the special ending, too, and you.

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